Blaga Events is a Romanian boutique planning and styling agency, creating unique and personal events for both domestic and international clientele. Our experience and strong creativity will take your event from a mere idea to a beautiful and unforgettable moment.


"There are people we meet, who deliver a service against a certain price, in which case the contractual terms and conditions define the deliverables. For some special events, like a wedding, a relation based on a cold written paper is probably not the desirable approach. Words are too little to express how grateful we are to Alexandra and the teams she gathered around her, there’s nothing else we could have dreamed of. The event and memories Blaga Events created for us are priceless. The collaboration we had was based on full trust and friendship, we always felt like had a part of our “family” looking after us and after our interests. Organizing a wedding while living abroad would have been a difficult challenge, but Blaga Events made the entire experience feel flawless. Our expectations have highly been exceeded, we could not have found another better team and friend as Alexandra. All I can recommend is that you fully trust her, let her run free and wild with her ideas and the result will be spectacular. She’ll go above and beyond to make your day memorable, while not intruding in your privacy, though we personally had and will always have her in our heart as a real, wonderful friend and human being.

Andra Miron

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